Christian Science in our Home

My story is plain and short. Because of its plainness it may appeal to some one who finds himself in a quandary, as I did, and throw a light on his pathway which may enable him to pursue his course in a happier frame of mind.

I was brought up and educated in Germany, leaving the United States at the age of eight years. At the educational institution I imbibed much of the material views and erudition for which the German schools are famous, and the influence exerted by these teachings soon undermined what little religion there was in my make-up. When I returned, ten years later, I was an acknowledged agnostic, having drifted away from my church, the Roman Catholic, as soon as I was beyond the pale of family control. My aim in life was to get as much enjoyment out of it as possible, and my ambition to be considered not a half bad fellow. Money had no attraction; it went as fast as earned, squandered not so much in riotous living as in social enjoyment,—in theatres, concerts, and clubs.

A Homely Comparison
August 16, 1900

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