A Statement of Facts

We publish with pleasure, a letter of Mr. Willard S. Mattox, of the Christian Science Publication Committee, New York City, in answer to an editorial in the Chronicle of the 6th ult. In a letter to the Chronicle, Mr. Mattox says, "Your editorial is marked by its fairness and reasonable attitude, and stands out from the bitter criticisms of many other papers in this state, for which all Christian Scientists must be gratified." In connection with this, we can say, in truth, that the Chronicle has tried to be fair, and at the same time candid, towards Christian Science, especially so when speaking of its claim of possessing miraculous power, both corporeal and spiritual. It is a fixed rule of the editor, to avoid, at all times, either harsh or bitter criticism, that is so common with a portion of the press. We speak plainly, openly, but never in animosity. A profession of faith is too serious a matter to be ridiculed, either wantonly, or from prejudice, even if the profession is open as a debatable assumption. That the Chronicle's candor, and unprejudiced opinion, have met with the approval of a prominent representative of Christian Science, is a source of pleasure and gratification to the writer, and it will stimulate, and encourage to a continuance of that line of procedure.

New York, July 26, 1900. To the Editor of the Chronicle.

A Wednesday Evening Meeting
August 16, 1900

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