Some Statements Regarding Christian Science

Nebraska State Journal

In the sermon of Rev. T. J. Thompson published in The Journal of May 28, one notable admission is made, in this, that Christianity is called "Science," and the theme of the discourse was "True Christian Science."

Now, if the reverend gentleman will permit, we shall add somewhat to his definition of "science," and insist that no system of knowledge can be classified as a science, unless its principles can be demonstrated or proved by practical application to matters and facts within the scope of such science. In mathematics one can demonstrate its principle in so far as one understands it, and this is equally true in Christian Science. Thus the breach between theologians and scientists is healed by Christian Science which satisfies the demand for proof by practical demonstration of the power of God (Good) over all evil and disease. What, then, is the scope of Christian Science? And what demonstrations may be fairly demanded of its professors? One answer is, that Christian Science is the Science of Life (eternal), and hence has to do with "the life that now is," for eternal life cannot commence in a future existence, but is without beginning as well as without end. Now the Science of Life must solve the problems and correct the mistakes of life. One common mistake is in supersing that man is a slave, and subject to sin, sickness, and death. Under this mistake we have seen Americans who would resist bravely any encroachment on their civil or political liberty, turn pale and prepare for unconditional surrender to small-pox, yellow fever, etc. Whereas, when we understand the perfect law of liberty, then we shall hold with Paul that, "The law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus hath made me free from the law of sin and death." "Now are we the sons of God," and one cannot imagine a son of God in sin, in sickness, or in death.

The Rights of Christian Scientists
July 5, 1900

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