A Financial Demonstration

I wish to give my testimony to some of the dear ones who may be wrestling with the dread disease, limitation.

While staggering under a great load of mental depression because of an accumulation of debt due to incompetence and other qualities of mortal mind, I found myself standing in a depot in one of our great cities waiting for a train. Instead of, as usual, going to the agent in order to learn the time when my train would go, I went over to the rack in which the time-tables and folders are kept, and commenced looking over it for a folder belonging to the road over which I was traveling. In my search for the folder my eye fell upon the word "Tract," and as if under the influence of some great impelling power, I reached out for it with all my might. I retired to the centre of the waiting-room and commenced to read. I soon found I was reading something different from anything I had ever read before, and looking at the heading I found I had a Christian Science tract, and it was entitled, "Freedom." I went back to my reading and devoured all the rest of it, then went to the window and asked the agent about my train. I remembered having seen the sign "Christian Science Reading Room and Dispensary" about a block and a half from the depot, and on learning from the agent that I had an hour and ten minutes to wait, I determined to use the time in making a call and learning if possible, from a personal interview with those people, something about the wonderful news contained in the tract I had read.

Science and Health
May 24, 1900

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