Medicine for Character

Denver Republican

PHYSICAL healing, though wrought in the name of God, would be a trifling benefit, if unaccompanied by a fundamental change of character.

Doctors of medicine regret the limitations of their profession, for in many cases the patient needs moral healing more than physical relief. A doctor is called to attend a man sick with fever, who is a drunkard and a wife beater. The good physician feels that it is a thankless task to restore this man to strength, only that he may get drunk and maltreat his family. For the sake of the miserable wife and the poorly fed and clad children, the doctor wishes that he had the power to make a decent man of his patient, but his business is to deal with physical ailments. He has no medicine for character.

Christian Science is primarily a medicine for character. The change within—a change in the secret thought of the man—gives health to the body, and the process of restoration never stops until all "the old man with his deeds" is put off, and "the new man, which is renewed in knowledge after the image of Him that created him" is put on.

Senator Mitchell's Letter
March 2, 1899

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