From Invalidism to Health

Ten years ago last May I had a very severe attack of measles, followed by malarial fever. While I was suffering with the fever, another dreadful disease entered our home, and we were unable to secure help because of a fear of contagion. My mother's strength failed and all the work of a large family fell on me, which, in my feeble condition, resulted in a general break-down. During the following ten years, I suffered "many things of many physicians, and had spent all that I had, and was nothing bettered, but rather grew worse."

On the 17th of February, 1898, I had an attack of nervous prostration which confined me to the bed for three months. The suffering which I endured is almost indescribable. I had spells when it seemed that every nerve in my body was drawn to its greatest tension, and the pain at my heart was so severe it seemed that it must stop beating. After those spells passed off and the re-action set in, it seemed almost impossible for me to live. My spine was so affected that I could not sit up. I was being treated by one of the leading physicians in this city, and was getting worse all the time.

As a last resort I concluded to try Christian Science, and sent for Mrs. T. After the second treatment she told me I must get up and walk. I thought I could not, but said I would make an effort. After taking about a dozen steps I had a queer feeling creep over me, and my strength returned, so that I walked as steadily as ever. The next day I rode a distance of two miles, and the sixth day I walked half a mile and rode ten miles on the car.

Testimony of Healing
Saved from the Operating Table
March 2, 1899

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