As to the Lectureship

THERE seems to be a failure on the part of many of the Churches to understand one of the main purposes for which the Board of Lectureship was instituted. The intention evidently is to reach those who are strangers to the truth regarding Christian Science, or who are interested enough to listen to a public discussion regarding Christian Science, but who, so far, have not been reached by other methods. As a matter of experience, in some cases nine-tenths of the audience will be composed of those who are either strangers or inquirers. A Church, by arranging for a lecture, becomes an instrument for the propagation of the truth regarding Christian Science in the whole community; for when lectures are given in public auditoriums the interest of the press is aroused, and in many cases the whole lecture, or a large part of it, is published, and can be quietly perused at home by those who were not even interested enough to attend the lecture.

When we think of the great effort that is being made through the press and platform and through the publication of pamphlets, to mis-state Christian Science, it seems very clear that all the loyal Christian Scientists should be intensely in earnest at this time, in using all the means which our Leader has furnished them for letting the light of Truth shine.

Showing Faith by Using Means
March 2, 1899

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