The Other Eye

We all know how a very insignificant object, when held close to the eye, seems capable of hiding much of the outside world, so that the beauty of God's earth may seem to be shut out from us by a disc no larger than a dime. But the moment the obstacle begins to recede into space, the all-pervading light rushes in around it, and finally engulfs it, and it is lost in immensity. So it is with every calamity that we hold close, and to which we give a place in our thoughts. Only as we banish it do we discover the clear light of Truth still shining, and by that light we realize the insignificance of the condition which seemed to us so real.

It gives us courage to know that we have always the power to prevent to temptation from assuming such false proportions (we are not obliged to hold the object so near the eye) and that by always exercising that power, the influx of light, understanding of Truth, comes, in response to God's eternal law.

From the Religious Press
October 19, 1899

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