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no mote or beam

no mote or beam can mock the shaft of light you are  too luminous for night to leave some mark  no  you are made for light of light God’s light Love’s halo rests on you through you  no mote no beam  just rivulets ripples rivers  resplendent dawn — Joni Overton-Jung.

‘The secret place of the most High’

In consciousness at one with God we find this holy place, a place where we’re not limited by person, time, or space. This secret place of oneness, unknown to mortal thought, is seen and felt in Spirit, as the kingdom Jesus taught.

Praise—in meekness!

Lord, show me the meek man the humble man the true. Show me the good man with humility to You.


I wandered out in fields on starlit night, clutching fear in tightly rounded fist, thinking I’d find peacefulness in flight, and give up fruitless efforts to persist.   Crossing stubbled field, by need possessed, with lighted sentinels etched across the sky, I slowed my pace, scooped stillness to my breast, and stood there Soul-filled, uttering no cry.

Soul’s tender ever-message

My view of precious you,— dear child-idea, reflection true,— is pure good, priceless, beautiful; eternally perfect and spiritual; so you’re whole, wise, harmonious, loved,—and love-filled too,— with dominion intact; so gracious, with freedom, in fact, that is bountiful, since you and I are joyously inseparable and always divinely all new; it’s completely, irreversibly true: all this and more is My life-law,— and ever-gift for you. — Suzanne Goewert.

My prayer is celebration

My prayer is celebration Of what God means to me: All Mind and Love and Spirit Sustaining harmony.   I never have to ask God To fix or rearrange.


You are near, our caring     Father-Mother God. Your harmony and poise guiding me, opening the paths to discovery and     understanding for a world—bright and divine.


It seemed so real,  when, through tears,  I felt as though  God had gone and in Her place  was fear. I cried out to Her and She held me in Love,  wrapped me in comfort with a bow of promise.

Love simply does

How the world would have drastically changed, if Jesus had just tried to heal, or if he’d just said to try to believe, how would that make you feel? What would have occurred at the sheep market pool had he said, “ Try to pick up your bed”? Or if he had just tried to feed the crowd would they have all been fed? Did Jesus ask us to try to know the truth that would make us free? Did he ask us to leave our nets, “To try to follow me”? Love does not try to meet our needs. As Love, it simply does.

Desert flowers

We desert flowers Reach for the waters of Life Rooted deep in Mind. — Christian Pascale.