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The Bible, now brightened

In the void of misunderstanding  a perfect spark ignites the darkness of the Scriptures  once obscured now inspired  Christ-pure light reveals the Word shining significance  into the pages of our lives. —Tessa Parmenter.

Still small voice

I.   can you see the face of the sky? read the signs of the times?  1 gauge the tenor of thought? discern the state of things within? is there a storm brewing? floods of fear waves of rage hateful righteousness reaching a boiling point?  we are being called not to be barometer for world currents: suggestion, projection, manipulation  but to sift real from unreal to heed the still small voice within 2   Elijah heard it on the mountain as he faced wind earthquake fire  and right there— he heard the still small voice of God  stilling the storm lighting the dark— peace breaking through   suddenly the world is seen as God sees: safe, intact, assured.

Perfect agreement

It’s not what I know, would like to know, feel or need to know— or what quotes feed into me through reading. I’m not a think machine, can’t think of myself by myself.

choosing the good part

are you careful and troubled about many things? one thing one thing alone is needful seek God first* this can’t be taken from you let your ministrations be by angels tending to your hands your heart your every thought every task a benediction every action  reflecting Love  — Joni Overton-Jung *See Matthew 6:33.

On wildflowers

If fields of vibrant wildflowers sow Where seldom foot hath trod— How much more abundantly Shall heaven open wide And show her glory to thee,  Beloved child of God? — Jeanne Marie Peters.

You are My song

You are My beloved idea,  My song of celebration. You express the qualities  That shape My whole creation.

Surrounded by God’s voice

I once thought I could not hear God’s voice near enough to win my heart.   But then, one day I felt a touch, as clear as if a hand  had rested on my back  to affirm, without words,  I hold you dear.

Welcoming the children

Who or what exactly are the children that we see? Is their origin in embryo or in maturity? ​Is it just supposititious human life we’re seeing, Or representatives of God—the very​ origin of being? ​Will we listen as a little child, with hearts receptive? Will we greet the new and drop the old, the views deceptive? ​Will we welcome innocence, and love the childlike thought— ​Embrace man’s purity and sweetness, in the way that Jesus taught? Then let us reach out lovingly to our community, Enfolding every childheart in sacred unity, And know that humble guilelessness and consecrated prayer Enable us to see God’s tender love is everywhere. Let us discern ​Love’s precious child in everyone we see.

‘Wings of the morning’ *

Since God, indeed, fills every space, Then there is not a single place Where I can travel or will wander, Where I won’t be completely under God’s protective shield—His allness,  His eternal lovingkindness.   Just where could I ever go That I would be helpless to know God’s goodness always enfolds me, Embraces, holds me constantly? There is no such remote location, Nor any frightening situation.

New each day

Yearning to know God’s all-power,  I asked Him during one dark hour,  “What is it that I need to see  When faced with rank impurity?”  The answer gently, quickly came That man and sin are not the same. God’s image, man, like Him must be  Lovely, chaste, and blemish-free.