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is not a distant promise nor hope for change someday; it is an eternal fact of God’s harmony now in play.   —Joyce E.

Today I prayed …

that flesh has not a claim nor hold to spout a lie, however bold. Flesh cannot claim my wholeness is a fraud, for I celebrate eternal oneness with my God.

How is your Father-Mother God seeing you?

                    As an idea,           unlimited by prognoses having to do with matter, body;              not limited by speculations as to your “status;”                        not limited because                 your status today, this very moment,                 is what it ever was, IS, and                 ever will be, eternally.              You ARE, not will be, Life’s idea:           the beautiful, intelligent, clear-thinking, dominion-given,                      divinely discerned idea of LIGHT.

Dear Father-Mother

We are Your ever-eager nestlings, sheltered beneath heavenly wing; precious, guarded, clearly feeding from Your perfect Word, needing only good that You’re bestowing for our upward-forward going. Fully on Your guidance leaning, expectant, hopeful, we’re asking and so gratefully listening for Your gentle, constant leadings to love even more; and now following  and praying with humble, true trusting, we see every revelation bring blessings— evidence You give of each heart’s healing; we see all safe, held in Your love unfailing.

every face seen

it is not a downfall that i hope for how would that suffice? instead let it be the slate wiped clean breaking news  of innocence redemption reverence every face   seen recognized known as though seeing the face of God* — Joni Overton-Jung *See Genesis 33:10 .

When shadows gather

Dear Father-Mother God, I see my spiritual selfhood reflecting You, but oh, this shadow sense that pursues my weary faith—when will it grow beautifully less? How shall I yield to Thee, almighty Love, when the house of cards builds its flimsy case around me and buries me beneath its collapse? Gratitude? One simple act of gratitude. One tiny blossom of “Thanks” propagates into an abundant burst of Godlike grace—  prayer, peace, loveliness, mercy, compassion, tenderness, goodness, ease, balance —hieroglyphs of blessings multiplied “in the infinite calculus of Spirit,”* soothing, healing.

Rolling away the stone

Christ is the life in which to live  Christ is the love by which to love  Christ is the truth with which to advance  Christ is the path safe and precise taken by Jesus who left this imprint: “God with us”*—    Life that gives life    Love that heals and nourishes    Truth that purifies and strengthens thus rolling away the stone that obstructs the light and harmony of our belonging to Spirit  — Béatrice Labarthe * Matthew 1:23  .

The secure Shekinah

We are hid with Christ in God,* in the secret covert of His sanctuary, in that presence of the Most High, safe from every thrust of error— for there is no fear, nor terror, no anxious thought, nor deepest dread,    under the shadow of His wings. For we come from Life on high,  and dwell in Spirit, here in heaven, in God’s strongest shelter,     that sweet, secure Shekinah, where we live eternally.

in Love embraced

in the sacred stillness of hope like a bird at the window wondering what might be found within we will find the loved one we lost with substance faithfully defined in the allness of Mind  in the earnest seeking of patiently perched thought we begin to ask the right questions not based on an appearance of loss but a simple desire to grow to understand, to know  in the quiet longing of early morning humility which like a sheltered nestling, waits— the divine Spirit that knows all reveals Life’s immortal essence unequivocal presence  then in the silent prayer of faith, as sound waves carry bird songs and yet remain unseen, divine Love in a rhythm our ready hearts can hear brings an answer clear and as fear is conquered and finally destroyed Love lifts the grief and fills the seeming void  on the wings of this divine giving we perceive our loved one spiritually living safe in the ever-present Mind the forever home of healing grace, never lost or consumed or accidentally misplaced but purposeful permanent in Love embraced — Katie Grigg-Miller.

Speak to me of infinity

Help me understand the concept of man’s perfection: limitless, faultless, the entirety of goodness. In the stillness of divine harmony, selfless and radiant as the full reflection of God’s being, reveal the beauty and intelligence of my incorporeal identity:  complete, fulfilled, forever loved as the expression of Soul.