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You are here

You’re here when all else seems to fail to quiet pain and loss. Your goodness always will prevail; You help me bear the cross.

In Love’s sight

It opens my eyes (my real eyes) to realize Love never loses sight of light. Love’s eye is single, in-sight-full, delightful, you see.

As a trusting bird

The sparrow stills  as I clip entrapping mesh— my heart pushing out, wordless,  to Love’s honed serenity that  cuts through all entanglement. At the last snip—no slow perk-up,  no halting from its trust—just sudden  full-blown flight; the questions,  what if I can’t do it? what if I can’t? what if I …? loosen and let go.

Prayer revealing

My prayers are not pleas To change or to heal As much as they are prayers That consistently reveal The splendor that has always been And will always be—  That perfect selfhood that reflects The Father constantly—  The likeness, like the Father,  Vibrant, loving, pure, and free! — Ann E. Hastings.

Life’s abundance

I’m grateful for Life, for spiritual things unseen.   Like holding a small seed,  yet beholding a tree.

Rhythm of Life

Richly rooted in the rhythm of Life Far above discordant strife We dance and delight              as our day unfolds Loving and accepting              what God beholds. — Christian Pascale.

Walk with me

and from the mountain top Jesus saw them, his disciples— toiling in rowing their ship in the midst of the sea  and as they struggled, braced against the wind, oars pressed to unfriendly waters  he walked to them      over wave      through gale      unhurried      unharried  “be of good cheer” he said, “be not afraid,                        it’s me. ” up into the ship he went (no labored hoisting, no desperate rescue) and the wind ceased*  the peace,                          a resounding hush see the wake he leaves— message etched on now still waters:  walk over, not into or with** buffetings, bluster, rage, fear walk over, not into or with torrents, tempest, rancor, despair  walk with me, Christ: inner voice of calm truth teller divine oasis your shelter from all storms — Joni Overton-Jung *See Mark 6:48–51.

Perfection intact

All of God’s qualities are spiritual, beautiful, untouched by matter, accident, or age. They are yours through God’s grace— reflections of His perfection— now and for eternity.


In the  humble space of the Bethlehem  stable the Christ-idea— sacred seed of conscious goodness— unfurled  in timeless innocence,  angel-announced Love-cradled sealing  resurrection, ascension in that very moment In the humble space of our expectant  hearts the shepherd in us the king in us kneel before Christ  in ageless innocence, angel-awakened Love-propelled securing healing, regeneration in this very moment Unfailingly  each grain of Christly goodness  takes root responds to light blooms in the native soil of humility — Cheryl Ranson.

God’s will

God’s will is never filtered through what we think right. He spans His plan  with irradiant light.