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Living waters

Fount of Truth, of Life, of Love, goodness, beauty, health that ever springs afresh in streams of sparkling clarity, pure glistening rivers pouring forth to wash the world and quench its thirst,    keep us steady in Your channels, coursing to Your purpose, tributaries all to You. — Barbara Highton Williams.

My angel*

It floated in so quietly, I almost didn’t notice but then it sat itself right down. Impossible to miss it.

Forever intact

“The harmony and immortality of man are intact. ” * This is forever the spiritual fact! No lie of the serpent can ever beguile; No falsehood or delusion, obscure or defile.

Answers to the heart

God’s answer for discouragement: “Courage, my dearest idea. You have not been given the spirit of fear, nor of depression but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.

Restful stillness

Be still self-will you cannot kill the good that’s going on. Staying still, pure peace I find humbly serving restful Mind.


One day my Father said to me, “Perfection is infinity. ” I asked Him, “Can You clarify?” “It can’t be done,” was His reply, “If clarify means reconcile To current usage, bent, and style.

don't let the world

“don’t let the world around you squeeze you into its own mould” * no caricatures here no skirting the edges circling the wagons making the shoe appear to fit your life is without edges uncompressible uncontainable in its relevance brilliance resilient invincibility You— child of the Most High “hiding place from the wind” river in a dry place “shadow of a great rock in a weary land” ** divine configuration heavenly revelation hallowed benediction  unfettered, cherished, child of God — Joni Overton-Jung *Romans 12:2 (J. B.

In every hour

Oh, darling moon, In the darkness gives us light, As evidence of sun’s full glory, Though, through the night, is out     of sight. So God’s great love, Its full measure yet unknown, By goodness, kindness, all that’s     holy, In every hour is clearly shown.


“Rise, take up your bed!” the Master said. * An imperative command, yet uttered with such love.

Surrounded by infinite Love

What does it really mean— To be surrounded by Love? Gently encompassed each moment In every joy and every triumph, In every crisis and tear Eternally, perpetually,  Held in Love’s sweet embrace? Metaphors abound, and they help: A mother’s care, a father’s watchful eye. The poetry of the ages tries to capture it, But oh what a challenge it is To express infinity in mere words.