Eye on the World: Praying about the flu

This year’s “flu season” is more severe than usual, according to headlines. Health officials say the seasonal flu is widespread, and many people have lined up at free clinics to receive immunization.

We can respond to the fear of contagious diseases with prayer, which reveals that God never made or sanctioned anything that would sap our strength or vitality.

Counteracting the flu: make room for health” provides a good starting point for our prayers. Acknowledging the spiritual source of our health does more than just make us feel less afraid — it also “makes room” for health and safety in our thinking and our lives.

Microbes … or infinite Mind?” discusses how we can pray from the standpoint of our perfect identity as the manifestation of one God. The author explains that we’re purely spiritual reflections of God, rather than physical beings subject to imperfection and illness. And as we recognize our God-given dominion, we’ll see both illness and the fear of illness melt away.

Many, many Christian Scientists have been healed of flu symptoms by prayer alone. “The path of health, not contagion” discusses how, after several years of catching the flu at work, the author found permanent freedom from seasonal illness by recognizing that she didn’t have to “go down the path” of getting sick. “Creature comforts” and “Singing and soaring beyond the Requiem” are just two recent accounts in which spiritual lessons brought quick and thorough healing to the authors. And in “Healthy on campus,” the author shares how she prayed when her college was faced with a potential flu outbreak.

Trust in God’s law of health” explains how we can confidently pray about contagious disease when children are involved. While Christian Scientists certainly obey all laws and common-sense practices, they also know (as the author points out) that an understanding of God’s protective embrace is a powerful antidote to fear and disease. That spiritual fact was certainly true in Biblical times, and it’s true today as we calmly address fears about flu and contagion.

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