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Eye on the World: Presidential elections

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The United States Presidential election was held on Tuesday, November 6th, and President Barack Obama won a second term in office. Voters also elected Senators and Representatives to represent them in Congress.

It’s always helpful to remember that abundance, stability, and government come from God, and that our prayers can make us more receptive to His direction. To that end, we thought our readers might appreciate a list of selected articles from the Christian Science Sentinel and Journal — including both recent and articles from past decades — that discuss praying about politics and government. You may find some (or all!) of them helpful to your prayers.

God is not a Republican, or a Democrat,” by Channing Walker — November 2012 Journal

Before the elections, a lesson in leadership,” by Bud McKibban — October 31, 2012 Sentinel

The government that blesses all,” by Mark Sappenfield — October 29, 2012 Sentinel

Prayer that transcends politics,” by Patricia S. Gantt Reiman — October 22, 2012 Sentinel

Young voices on the election scene,” an interview conducted by Jenny Roemer Nelles — November 3, 2008 Sentinel

Are you a good citizen?,” by Harold Molter — October 1952 Journal

God elects,” by Rosalie S. Jacoby — October 27, 1928 Sentinel

Our prayers for elections can’t help but have an uplifting influence in our thinking, as well as on candidates and government — because they reveal the supremacy of God and of divine government, which is expressed through honesty and integrity as we participate in the process of electing our leaders.

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