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Eye on the World: Dealing with the fiscal cliff

- Eye on the World

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With the presidential election over in the United States, attention shifted this week to avoiding the “fiscal cliff”: a combination of automatic tax increases and spending cuts set to take place in January if Congress fails to act to reduce the federal deficit. Yet if Congress can put aside partisan gridlock and come up with a deal, the sharp and detrimental measures outlined in the “fiscal cliff” package can be avoided.

Economic concerns aren’t limited to the US, of course. Greece continues to struggle with debt and financial woes, as does much of the European Union. And China’s new President Xi Jinping faces a comparatively slow growth rate and weakening demand overseas for the country’s exports.

Yet God guides heads of state and struggling families alike through even the murkiest economic challenges; our task is to listen for and follow His direction. Prayer always leads to solutions that bless both nations and individuals, and that bring about stability and abundance.

A prayer for the economy” discusses the relationship between our collective thought and the health of the economic “body.” Downward trends of fear, greed, and corruption can be reversed as we recognize God’s allness, presence, and guidance in every situation. Stagnant and depressed economies can be lifted and invigorated as we recognize the vibrancy and productive activity of God.

In many cases, hardened political opinions seem to stand in the way of constructive dialogue. “Beyond debate and dialogue” examines how prayer allows us to see God embracing and uplifting our neighbor and government officials alike, and how this kind of humble yielding allows workable solutions to come to the fore.  

You might also enjoy praying with the ideas in “Showers of goodness,” which reminds us that we truly can look forward to good for our economy and in the political arena. This is not naive optimism, but a recognition that prayer inevitably creates an atmosphere in which policymakers and citizens feel freer to pursue courses that promote good for everyone. As we realize the fact of divine abundance, we’ll see solutions coming to the fore.

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