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Daily, we work toward progress - “growth or development; continuous improvement”Random House Kernerman Webster's College Dictionary, © 2010 . This progress comes in many forms and is, as Mary Baker Eddy defines it, a “law of God” (Science and Health with Key to the Scripturesp. 233). With an infinite number of expressions of God, there are infinite opportunities for progress.  We are all actively growing and improving in our professions, our relationships, and our spirituality.  At The Christian Science Publishing Society (CSPS), we are also focused on improving our user experience for our product offerings.

A form of progress currently taking shape at the CSPS is the consolidation of our online shops.  We’re happy to announce a new home for the CSPS “Download Store”.  All products from the previous “Download Store” (formerly powered by Nimbit) are now located within the CSPS Online Shop.  We feel this is progress for a few reasons.

“Progress: growth or development; continuous improvement”

Consolidating our online shop from two distinct areas (one to purchase physical products and another for digital content) allows for much easier navigation.  You can now browse through the entire CSPS catalog and purchase print and digital products at the same time.  Digital products include MP3s of the newest music, audio books, individual Bible Lessons from eBibleLesson and myBibleLesson, and Sentinel Radio programs.

Including the “Download Store” in the CSPS Online Shop also allows you to view your purchase history.  Just click “My Account” in the top right, after logging in, and you can view and update your account information.  Here you can update your shipping or billing address, add a new credit card for future use, and view past orders - including your digital items in the “My Downloadable Products” tab.  Should you need it, this section allows you to re-download an item you’ve already purchased.

We truly feel that consolidating our online shops onto one platform is an unfoldment of harmony, simplicity, and progress.  We hope you feel the same way, and enjoy the new home for the CSPS “Download Store”.

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