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Fall has arrived and Thanksgiving is just around the corner. What are you hungry for? More joy, better health, new opportunities? Maybe you’re longing for peace, a stronger sense of purpose, or just more good in your life in general. God hears these desires and meets our every need, whatever it may be.

Each year, the Christian Science Quarterly includes a special Thanksgiving Bible Lesson that’s read at Thanksgiving church services around the world. This year’s lesson explores how God daily sustains and renews us, and how He satisfies and fills “the hungry soul” (Psalm 107).

Discover how you can be sustained and satisfied by God by reading and studying this special lesson yourself. Begin your holiday season by giving friends and family a copy of the Thanksgiving lesson, sharing the invaluable gift of inspiration, and ideas that heal and lead to a deeper understanding of God and His goodness.

Visit BibleLesson.com/Thanksgiving to download, print, or listen to this year's Thanksgiving Bible Lesson as our gift to you. You can also order beautifully designed Thanksgiving lesson booklets, CDs, or printed copies of the myBibleLesson Thanksgiving issue to enjoy yourself or share with others.

You can also find how real gratitude brings healing, provides a safe haven from any storm, and is a strong, dependable, effective way of praying in the following testimonies and articles found in the Journal, Sentinel, and Herald.

“Gratitude is a great aid to bringing healing, too. It’s a helpful tool that anyone should be able to easily grab out of their healer’s toolbox.” 
A gratitude that brings healing—now by Rebecca Odegaard, from The Christian Science Journal, November 2011 (Web original)

“My gratitude allowed me the confidence to know that whatever I had was exactly the supply I needed.” 
Are we really grateful? by Laura Forbes, from the Living Christian Science Today blog on JSH-Online.com, May 10, 2012

“Gratitude is our safe shore as long as we know that divine mind is at the helm!”
My deeper look at gratitude by Dulcinea Torres, from the Christian Science Sentinel, November 21, 2011, and adapted from the Portuguese edition of The Herald of Christian Science

“Real gratitude has muscle. It’s strong, dependable, and is an effective way of praying.”
‘Getting’ gratitude by Deb Hensley, from The Christian Science Journal, November 2012 (Web original)

God’s great goodness is a bounty for us to enjoy on Thanksgiving and every day of the year. Now that’s a reason to give thanks!

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