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We Knew Mary Baker Eddy, Expanded Edition Volume II is now available... 

But wait a sec… I thought that came out about a year and a half ago? Well, you’re almost right—that was Volume I, and this is a completely new book with new accounts. Volume II includes 22 reminiscences from workers like Adam Dickey (“God’s Law of Adjustment”), Judge Septimus Hanna, and Clara Shannon. Each of the authors interacted personally with Mary Baker Eddy—some were her students and others were members of her household, serving in roles as varied as groundskeeper, cook, maid, secretary, or worker on a special project. These reminiscences span from the 1880s until 1910.

Their stories are rich and diverse. While we get to know the authors as individuals, the common thread is gaining deeper glimpses into the life and work of Mrs. Eddy and how her lifework had a profound impact on them. Perhaps it is the echo of lives indelibly benefited during that time by her religious leadership that resonates with us today, because we, too, have been changed and blessed by the Science of Christianity she discovered.

...her life work had a profound impact on them.

While reading these reminiscences, one gains insight into Mrs. Eddy’s high expectations, wisdom, humor, and wit. But above all, she always taught about God and man. You cannot help but be touched by the authors’ personal sacrifice, absolute devotion, and rigorous demonstration. Naturally, thought moves to the sterling examples of today’s workers who serve in our Reading Rooms, share lectures with our communities, or deliver readings every week.

For all the reminiscences add to the historical record, I am mindful that the enduring substance is in the timeless truths that Mrs. Eddy shared in her published writings. William Rathvon, whose account is included in Volume II, writes: “Think of her in terms not of the past but of the present…. See her as speaking to you now through her books and her writings, which need no date, for their truths can never grow old and yet were never new.”

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Phebe Bergenheim is the Product Manager for General Publications at The Christian Science Publishing Society

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