Herald-Online has arrived!

Imagine the excitement of the French, Spanish, Portuguese, and German speakers who are beginning to experience the wonder of the Christian Science periodicals online. For the first time, readers of the Herald are accessing archived issues, listening to Herald audio, downloading the latest Herald magazines, and doing it from devices that can fit in our pockets or purses.

Can you remember the first time you visited JSH-Online? Perhaps you followed a link on Facebook, or received an e-mail with a relevant and timely article. Maybe you signed up immediately and haven’t stopped finding, reading, and sharing articles since. Do you remember the first time you landed on the issues page, and saw the covers going back to 1883? Or how about your first visit into the archives of Sentinel Radio? What about your first search? Or your first time visiting the latest issues, Web originals, and blogs. 

Over the past year JSH-Online has allowed subscribers to read and share the Christian Science periodicals in an entirely new way, and this week the JSH-Online family is growing. On April 1, the French, German, Portuguese, and Spanish Herald of Christian Science join JSH-Online with the release of Herald-Online.

Explore over 70,000 newly added Herald articles.

If you are a JSH-Online subscriber, the addition of Herald-Online gives you access to the full archive content of the German, French, Spanish, and Portuguese Heralds. This pushes the total archive to over 275,000 articles, making the volumes of Christian Science healing, learning, and teaching available at our fingertips. Even if you don’t speak or read any of these languages, you may still find this new content helpful. How? It opens up new doors for sharing Christian Science.  When an article has been translated into multiple languages, a notification of these translations will appear on the right-hand side of the article. Look for this bar. You can click into any of the translations, and then share the article with anyone. This can be especially useful in a Reading Room or in your practice of Christian Science.

If you know someone who is a subscriber to the print Herald, or would be interested in access to The Herald of Christian Science in German, French, Spanish, or Portuguese, please pass along the good news. Herald-Online is here! Send them to http://herald.christianscience.com where they will learn how to activate their print Herald subscription into a Herald-Online subscription.

We look forward to continuing to expand and improve the JSH-Online experience, and hope that no matter what language you speak, you will always find a home on JSH-Online.

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