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What do you do when you read something interesting? You probably tell someone about it because you enjoyed it or it made you think in a new way. Some of the most common ways to share is by word of mouth, e-mail, or “liking” on Facebook. What if an article on JSH-Online made you happy or spawned inspiration? Mary Baker Eddy writes that happiness “... requires all mankind to share it” (Science and Health, p. 57). In light of this idea, wouldn’t it be natural to want to share this article with your friends?

In the archives of JSH-Online there’s a vast database of inspirational articles relevant to many of today’s trending topics. A great example of a trendy topic occurred a few weeks ago when news agencies were reporting about a baby who was cured of HIV. Many of the reports claimed this was the first record of HIV being cured, but within the archives of JSH-Online sits a testimony of a “Father and daughter freed from HIV,” written about 14 years ago.

The JSH-Online Facebook page shared the HIV testimony just before lunch, and it quickly captured 500 views by dinnertime. Reading Rooms, organizations, and individuals liked and shared the link, helping the timely testimony become one of our most engaging posts.

Add a dose of inspiration to your Facebook newsfeed, and if you find a great article—share it!

As with many trends, the hype of this story quickly passed, but the JSH-Online Facebook page continues to post relevant inspirational articles, images, and quotes for you and your friends to enjoy. Be sure to like the JSH-Online Facebook page to add a dose of inspiration to your newsfeed. And, if you find a great article on your own, share it ... or tag our page and we might (re)share it! Feel free to ask us questions or give feedback via Facebook, too. 

The online presence of the Journal, Sentinel, and Herald is more than just a website, it’s a resource for you and your friends to enjoy.


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