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Pamphlets, anthologies, and special editions, many of which were pulled from Journal, Sentinel, and Herald articles, have been published for over 120 years. These collections highlight some of the wonderful metaphysical thinking first published in “the organs of this Church” (Manual of The Mother Church, p. 44).

On October 15, 2013, JSH-Online will integrate over 500 collections as part of the online archive. We’ve heard a growing call from readers who, as they deepen their understanding of Christian Science through their study of the Bible and Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, want to to read supporting articles and testimonies on specific themes. We’re happy to debut this new feature in response to that call.

These collections highlight some of the wonderful metaphysical thinking first published in “the organs of this Church”

Under the new “Collections” menu, you’ll find digital versions of The Christian Science Publishing Society’s known collections, including pamphlets, anthologies, and special editions. Each collection has the look and feel of an online Journal, Sentinel, or Herald issue, compiling articles and testimonies from across the JSH-Online archive.* All collection titles are part of the searchable archive, and audio streaming will be provided, when available. Each week, a different editorially selected collection will be featured on the JSH-Online homepage.

Many collections draw from sources outside of the JSH-Online archive—for example, “The Passing of the Sea Gull,” was originally written as a Monitor metaphysical article in 1927 and was later featured as a pamphlet. Over the coming months, we will continue to add these articles and collections to the archive. If you notice that an existing CSPS collection is not on JSH-Online, let us know! And stay tuned for future ways to submit your own collection ideas.

We hope this expansion of the archive will provide new, more helpful avenues for you to discover what the breadth and depth of JSH-Online can bring to your practice of Christian Science.

*Editor's Note: In some cases, JSH articles were adapted when republished in collections. When readers alert us to these variations, we’ll add a note like this one! If you notice a difference between an article in a print pamphlet and an article in the online version, it may be because the article was adapted. Please use the Article Feedback widget to point these out to us, and we’ll add a note when applicable.

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