God’s help

I cried, “God help me.”
Right there, God, embracing me,
revealed Herself as Love,
always wise,
always with me
because I am with Her. 

I asked, “God help me.”
Immediately, Truth lit my path,
darkness fled.
I know I’m one with God,
by Spirit clothed and fed. 

I implored, “God help me.”
Serenely, God showed me
who I really am.
In the allness of Soul
I act
with strength to gather love
and share it freely.
God guided.
Love given.  

I called out, “God help me.”
Quietly, God lifting me,
I walked above the storm,
over the churning waters,
with the sure footing
of God’s allness,
Truth’s goodness.
And I peacefully progressed
as God’s treasured child. 

I prayed, “God help me!”
Sweetly, God enabled me to see
the good already there,
the good now here.

God is with me,
always helping. 

Kit Kurtz

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