The simplicity of Christ

When the cares of the hour
and uncertainties ahead
cloud my reason, my judgment, and thought
When I can’t seem to focus 
or return a kind smile
When I’m lost in the mortal I’m not 

Then I lift up my gaze
from worry and woe
and remember of Whom I am made
Neither doubt nor dis-ease
comprises my true self
nor am I worried, hurt, or afraid 

No, my birthright’s in God,
the all-loving, all-real,
and to Him only do I yield
In meekness, in trust,
in the simplicity of Christ
find I all that I need to be healed 

For it is the Christ,
the spirit of Love, pure and timeless,
that delivers me from every trial;
God’s immaculate Truth alone 
that restores my hope,
my soul, and my smile 

Chris Jones

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