A mustard seed

Take a tiny mustard seed;
Plant it in the ground.
Water it and nurture it;
Leave lots of space around. 

For some time you’ll see nothing—
No evidence, no sign.
Don’t dig it up, but give it up
To God’s divine design. 

At first, a tiny shoot appears,
Small proof for all to see.
In no time, though, that mustard seed
Will grow into a tree. 

And then, the wind will carry
Other seeds both far and near,
Until across the whole wide world,
New mustard trees appear. 

So, take your mustard seed of faith
And plant it in your heart.
Nurture it with truth and love;
Give doubt no space to start. 

For a while you may see nothing—
No evidence, no sign.
But don’t despair; just lift it up
To God’s divine design. 

And wait with joyful patience
As this faith grows sure and strong,
Revealing endless blessings
That have been there all along. 

So, faith will spread across the world,
In every heart to grow.
And then my friend, together
We’ll move mountains—
Now, let’s sow!

Kate Gould

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