Would the pandemic ruin our dance production?

“Go home and stay home” were the last words I expected to hear in the spring of 2020. I’d been choreographing a dance number for my school’s annual dance production to be held just a few months later, and I’d already selected my cast members and spent many hours teaching my piece to them. 

And now this. Everyone at my college had to leave until further notice due to the COVID outbreak. Classes would be completed online. As the whole school gathered to receive the news, I also got a message on my phone to meet in the dance studio that evening.

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Later, I walked into the studio, afraid of what I might be about to hear. Spring sports had already been canceled for the rest of the year. My dance professor broke the news that the dance production probably wouldn’t be happening. Everyone was heartbroken. I was in shock and utterly disappointed. I’d been working on my dance since the previous summer, and now it was all for nothing because of this pandemic?

I’d been working on my dance since the previous summer, and now it was all for nothing because of this pandemic?

Following our two-week spring break, my dance professor reached out to her choreographers and then her cast. She said that because we still had to fill our hours for the course, we weren’t actually done with the dance production as we’d thought we were. Instead, we would each individually make videos of the dances we were in based on direction from the choreographers. Then, we’d combine that with the work we’d done before we’d left the college in March and air the show online. It was such a cool idea. And it meant we still got to have our dance production! 

Over the next couple of weeks, in addition to our weekly Zoom calls and warm-up sessions, we prayed together and shared spiritual ideas that were helping us go forward with our work. On our last Saturday together, my dance professor shared an article from the October 1949 issue of The Christian Science Journal called “All the Way,” by Milton Simon. I’d read this article before, but it had never hit me like it did that day. In the article, the writer explains that a friend had been praying when a clear thought from God came to her that said, “Love never takes anyone halfway. Love takes us all the way.”

When my dance professor read those words aloud, it brought me back to March, when I’d been heartbroken, walking out of the dance studio in tears. At the time, we’d only been halfway through the process of putting the show together, and it felt like everything had come to an abrupt end. That night, it seemed like all my hard work had been for nothing.

There could be no interruption to God’s continuity of good, because good is what’s solid and real.

Instead, here I was, sitting in my bedroom with my whole dance family on my laptop. Yes, we had worked hard and relied on creativity and ingenuity. But in that moment, I could see how something so much bigger was going on. In fact, it was God who had brought us from start to finish. There could be no interruption to God’s continuity of good, because good is what’s solid and real. And when you understand things spiritually, you can see that there’s nothing that can ever interfere with the completeness of God’s goodness. 

I thought that was the coolest thing—that the idea of the production turned out to be so complete, even though it wasn’t what I had anticipated when the process began. I still had the opportunity to share my dance, “A message of hope,” with everyone. I felt that the message in the song I’d picked was something my college community needed to hear, and I loved how the idea for it had come to me all the way back in June 2019—long before I ever could have known what May 2020 was going to look like. To me, this was further proof that God really had been in charge of this idea from beginning to end. 

Every aspect of the final production came together harmoniously. The whole thing was streamed live. We played a version of the dances that had been filmed the day before we’d had to leave campus, followed by a version that included footage of everyone dancing individually from their homes. We were all proud of our work and efforts.

This experience was a good reminder that God is always governing every aspect of our lives, and that when we recognize this, we are blessed—no matter what the circumstances. That is the best feeling ever.

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