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How wonderful is God’s provision?

Have you ever thought about how God blesses our lives, providing us with abundant good? David, the Psalmist, taught us this. In particular, the 23rd Psalm in the Bible is a marvelous recounting of the blessings that God brought into David’s life.

Renewed love for Christian Science

When this author becomes a teenager, her love and appreciation for Christian Science grows. 

‘Couldn’t be better’—already perfect

A dear friend of mine, if you asked him how he was doing any time of the day or night, would frequently say, “Couldn’t be better. ” He was an active person and must have had different trials, family matters to attend to, business issues, and world concerns like many of us.

Sharing Christian Science with my community

The author relies on God’s guidance to show her the way to preserve a beloved way of sharing Christian Science with the public.

Do right, then trust

A family’s concern about finding a home is allayed by prayer and trust in God.

Healing of a grudge—possible through prayer

Recognizing God’s love and care for all His children melts conflict.

The warmth and tenderness of God’s mothering

After her mother’s passing, the writer finds examples of God’s motherly love all around her.

Online discussions and spiritual discernment

Comments concerning news articles discussed on Facebook, Twitter, blogs, and in other social media sometimes turn into arguments. People may have strong opinions that put them in conflict with comments others have made, and they feel they must respond.

No one is overlooked by God

God’s children are always known to Him and included in His goodness.

God is always Love

An understanding of God as eternal Love brings forgiveness and renewed harmony.