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Facing a deadline? Pray, don't panic.

This writer didn’t think she had the capability to complete a difficult college assignment. But looking to God, divine Mind, she found the perfect solution.

Practical education

A school teacher and Christian Science practitioner shares his thoughts on how Christianity is speaking to young people today.

'Where are You, God?'

During our very loud and forceful circumstances, the still small voice came—not in a thundering, booming tone, not in a forceful, scary blast of light, but in a gentle peaceful thought.

Forgiveness and healing

Forgiveness isn’t our last resort or a dark, laborious, tedious task.

Judgment, dance, and tiny felt skates

“Book by its cover” judgments don’t work so well!

Be kind to yourself

As you pray, be open to how much God loves you.

Puppy-wiggle love

A puppy’s overflowing love holds a sweet lesson about God’s love for each one of us.

Five spiritual lessons about employment

When this author suddenly lost his job, his reliance on God brought inspiration, direction, and an understanding that true employment can never be taken away.

Unavoidable good

We can't avoid being a blessing!