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Judging—or genuinely caring for others?

True happiness means using your God-given talent to bless others.

Before the elections, a lesson in leadership

As elections approach in the US and other countries, we can get a clearer spiritual perspective on what leadership is all about.

Power over the big 'what if?'

A court reporter finds peace of mind in a trying situation through leaning on God.

"Roar without me"

When a hurricane threatens, prayer is much more than a “feel-good” response—it reminds us that God is in control of His creation.

No longer haunted

Prayer enables us to expunge the “ghosts” of bad memories, bad dreams, and regrets that would haunt our thinking.

She had thought of God as punishing, until she came to a Christian Science church.

Malala Yousafzai and the meekness and might of innocence

In the wake of the attack in Pakistan, we can all prayerfully affirm that evil can never have the last word over innocence.

From horror to harmony in the fitting room

Don’t let ugly thoughts and bad lighting throw you off track!

Don't be's just an act!

We can step back and realize that the mortal picture of life can sometimes be like a scary movie, but it’s not the reality at all.

'Love's divine adventure'

The adventure of learning the lessons that God has in store for us.