Sentinel Watch

Sentinel Watch weekly podcasts tackle topics relevant to you and inspire prayer for communities and the world. Want to join the conversation? Record your ideas, inspiration, and questions, and send them to us. We can’t wait to hear from you!

April 23, 2018
with Sandy Brooks and Kathleen Moyer
April 16, 2018
with Bill Moody, Diane Sheth, and Sabrina Stillwell
April 9, 2018
with Annu Matthai and Sue Spotts
March 31, 2018
with Virginia Harris
March 19, 2018
with David Kennedy, Marjorie Kehe, and Deborah Huebsch
March 12, 2018
with Kim Walker and Heidi Snow
March 5, 2018
with Joel Magnes, Marie Longpré-Adams, and Mark Catlin
February 26, 2018
with Barbara Vining
February 19, 2018
with Barbara Pettis and Christie Hanzlik