Sentinel Watch

Sentinel Watch weekly podcasts tackle topics relevant to you and inspire prayer for communities and the world. Want to join the conversation? Record your ideas, inspiration, and questions, and send them to us. We can’t wait to hear from you!

February 4, 2019
with Susan Tish
January 28, 2019
with Bill Moody
January 21, 2019
with Evan Mehlenbacher
January 7, 2019
with Katherine Leech
December 31, 2018
with Dave Hohle
December 24, 2018
with Mark Unger, Michele Newport, Neera Kapur, and Allison Rose-Sonnesyn
December 17, 2018
with Alan Lindgren and Lauren Moss
December 10, 2018
with Amy Richmond, Eric Horner, Holly Amans-Kaiser, Carol Olano, and Marjorie Kehe
December 3, 2018
with Elise Moore, Christian Pascale, Paula Kay Todd, and Evan Mehlenbacher
November 26, 2018
with Melanie Wahlberg