Fynn walks in the light of God

It was Fynn’s first time at a summer camp for Christian Scientists. Camp was far from home, but his mom, dad, and big sister came, too. Fynn was excited to try archery, play in the swimming pool, and paddle a kayak. The counselors at camp sang silly songs with the campers and made them all feel welcome.

But one morning when Fynn woke up in his bunk, his foot was really hurting. He did not want to walk on it. His mom said they could pray. She also said there were people at camp who could help if he needed it. She was thinking of a Christian Science practitioner and a Christian Science nurse. 

Fynn wanted to pray, but it was time for breakfast, and he was hungry, so they decided to pray on the way. When his mom asked if she could carry him to the dining lodge, Fynn agreed. 


His dad and big sister walked ahead, while Fynn’s mom carried him piggyback. As they went, Fynn’s mom started singing Hymn 592 from the Christian Science Hymnal: Hymns 430–603. It begins, “We are walking in the light of God” (Eng. trans. Gracia Grindal, GIA publications). His mom got the idea to change the words of the hymn as a way of praying. They were walking up a steep hill to the breakfast lodge, so they sang, “We are hiking in the light of God!” And since Fynn was riding piggyback, they sang, “We are piggybacking in the light of God!” Fynn laughed at this idea and thought of one of his favorite activities at camp: “We are kayaking in the light of God!” They sang the whole song like that: “We are hiking, we are kayaking, we are piggybacking in the light of God!”

When Fynn and his mom reached the dining lodge, Fynn jumped down from his mom’s back and ran to catch up with his dad and sister. His foot was fine. He could now run in the light of God! And he did—for the rest of camp.

Testimony of Healing
Grace and repentance bring healing
March 6, 2023

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