Eyeglasses no longer needed

I had worn eyeglasses for twenty years, including bifocals for ten. I always put on my glasses as soon as I woke up.

When I read to my grandchildren, they would say, “Grammy, try to read without your glasses.” I would try, and they would laugh at what a mess I was making of the story. It became a game for them.

From my study of Christian Science, however, I realized that I could pray to heal my sight. As I prayed, I came to believe that it was rather silly to think that a piece of glass could make me see better. Slowly a new awareness dawned on me.

The turning point was when I awoke to the fact that I needed to switch from a material sense of sight to a spiritual sense of what true vision is. God, Spirit, was what I wanted to understand, so I began praying to know what God wanted me to see. 

While continuing to pray in this way, I would go outside without my glasses. But there were two occasions when things looked fuzzy, so I went back in to get my glasses.

After a month or so, I drove a mile from home before I realized that I wasn’t wearing my glasses. I went back for them because my license required me to wear them.

When I was due to renew my driver’s license, I asked to take the eye exam without the glasses. I passed the exam on the first screen shown. That was five years ago.

Recently, I renewed my license and again passed the eye exam.

Today, I recognize that God is what enables me to see, and I strive to keep my vision on following Christ Jesus’ teachings—knowing that there is no truth in matter. I am forever grateful.

Robin Mulcahy
Allenstown, New Hampshire, US

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March 6, 2023

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