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We can stand firm for our capacity to think and act rightly, and lean on God’s power to enable us to identify and refute opposite thinking.

We all need Church

Supporting and participating in church isn’t a burden but a joy. It’s an opportunity to transform lives for the better.
I realized that I could mentally replace the “facts” I was reading in my files with what I knew to be spiritually true about everyone involved in these difficult situations.
God made all His creatures free; 
Life itself is liberty.James Montgomery, Christian Science Hymnal, Hymn 83
How I found Christian Science
When a woman attends a Christian Science church service, she is surrounded by love and feels spiritually nourished.

Seeking peace

A poem in response to the news of mass shootings. 
Fynn’s mom got the idea to change the words of the hymn as a way of praying. 
Testimony of Healing
I had been letting this problem dominate my thinking, but I could choose not to let it do so.
Testimony of Healing
I recognize that God is what enables me to see.
Testimony of Healing
To know God not just through what I have heard or through what I have read in the Bible and the Christian Science textbook, but through what I have experienced of this divine Love, is a precious gift.
Testimony of Healing
As I held to these truths, I felt revived, energetic, and physically unaffected by the miles we had traveled and the elevation we had gained.
Bible Lens


Throughout history, reverence for sacred sites has been expressed by removing one’s shoes.

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