An economy of ideas

Infinite possibilities are right at hand. 

So much uncertainty seems to burden the world during this turbulent political and economic time, challenging business and government leaders to search for expedient solutions. But these solutions can backfire. For effective, enduring solutions to these challenges, inspired ideas based on a spiritual perspective are needed. Nothing else can strengthen and stabilize the global economy. Where do these creative inspirations come from—inspirations that help propel mankind forward to enlightened resolutions? Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy, the Discoverer and Founder of Christian Science, says, “Ideas are emanations from the divine Mind” (p. 88).

Ideas that bless mankind come from God, the divine Mind, and they come to us through Christ, revealing God’s loving presence and power to human consciousness. These transformative and healing ideas unfold naturally, bringing clarity that acknowledges that infinite possibilities are right at hand. 

When we turn our thought to God, Mind, intelligent, inspired ideas begin to flow and give us useful and relevant direction, whether individual or global. These constructive ideas can then be implemented, resulting in better service to others and increased economic abundance for our communities. So, in our own spiritual practice, we can deal confidently in prayer with challenges that would impede healthy economic activity that blesses humanity. 

When we turn our thought to God, Mind, intelligent, inspired ideas begin to flow and give us useful and relevant direction.

God, infinite Mind, is the source of unlimited and inexhaustible good, and man (the true, spiritual identity of everyone) as His image, reflects this infinite good. When understood, this divine economy of God—His abundant supply of spiritual ideas—appears in our experience as sustenance, industry, creativity, cooperation, and financial supply.

What happens when fear comes up and disrupts this supply of productive activity? When we are tempted to resign ourselves to fear and imbibe its darkened view, we get discouraged and our ability to think clearly and confidently is obscured. The fact that the human mind has its limits and is unable to see into the future can feel overwhelming. This inhibits our movement forward, making us feel stuck, alone, and helpless. 

A way to move past this mental inertia is to direct our attention to God-centered thoughts of gratitude and dominion and away from discouraging “what if” scenarios. A heartfelt gratefulness can keep us in the eternal “now” of present, abundant spiritual good. This is active and alert prayer, and it reminds us that nothing is impossible to God. It is the divine intelligence speaking to the human mind through Christ, directing it beyond the limitations of the physical senses.

Years ago, I learned how to rely on God during an economic recession. After the sudden passing of my husband, I was left with a heavy financial burden and had to sell our home. There was not much equity in the house, and debt from starting a new business needed to be paid. For over three months my home did not sell, despite the help of a competent real estate agent. I was not sure I could continue to pay the home mortgage and the business rental expenses. 

After some humble prayer, the thought came to put an ad for my home in my storefront window. I was unsure of my ability to manage a home sale. I was not well connected; homes were not selling, and the situation appeared hopeless. However, I was obedient. I put the ad in the window and trusted God to direct every step of this unfoldment. 

I learned how to rely on God during an economic recession.

That evening, with a renewed commitment to listening to God when doubts arose, I picked up my Bible and read this passage: “Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding” (Proverbs 3:5).

Within one week, a couple who had seen the ad in the window visited my business. Shortly, after visiting my home, they purchased it for a reasonable price, and I negotiated the contract of sale with the help of a mortgage company. I was able to buy a new, smaller home, which met all my needs for many years. Then, within a few months, my new business that had been struggling began to prosper. In less than two years, all the debts were paid off. Now, 27 years later, I live in a larger home, and my business has continued to thrive, even during the Covid pandemic. I still look out that storefront window with deep gratitude to God.

Burden-free living is not out of reach or years away. Allowing God to give us the right ideas just when we need them—right now—frees us from intrusive fears of limitation. What a loving idea God’s economy can prove to be for everyone!

My Shepherd and me
January 16, 2023

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