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Start with the solution

To begin with the solution is the solution, and we find God’s divine goodness to be the only reality, right here and now.
It’s God’s grace that turns us wholeheartedly to Him, communicates His love, inspires our obedience, and demonstrates His attentive, intelligent control.

Meekness and might

Mary Baker Eddy wrote, “Meekness is the armor of a Christian, his shield and his buckler” (Message to The Mother Church for 1902, p. 19). This poem celebrates the protective Christly power of meekness.
Who needs a silver bullet when we have an all-good God in whom we can wholeheartedly trust?

To calmly persist

Our God-given ability to rise above even the most stubborn opposition and calmly persist in acknowledging spiritual Truth has its reward in healing.

An economy of ideas

Burden-free living is not out of reach or years away.

My Shepherd and me

Watching the sheep and the farmer made me feel loved, too—like God was wrapping me up in a warm, woolly blanket.
Testimony of Healing

God’s loving care

Filled with thoughts of God’s presence, I knew the truth that God, divine Life, was my life. 
Testimony of Healing
I went and played my normal round of golf with no side effects whatsoever. There has been no recurrence of this condition.
Testimony of Healing

Freed from toe injury

Less than a week after the incident, I freely participated in several active days of family wedding activities—including happily dancing in heels.
Bible Lens


Jesus’ self-identification in John 14:6 combines the words truth and life with way, pointing the pathway to an understanding of God.
Bible Lens


Christ Jesus’ teaching to love one’s enemies dramatically expanded on Hebrew injunctions to love one’s neighbor and show kindness to foreigners.

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