My Shepherd and me

Ireland is such a cool place! There are sheep that roam the hills in the country, friendly people in the city, and so many fun things to do.

I’d traveled with some friends from school to Ireland from my home in the United States, and I was having a great time with them in the Irish countryside. We were all staying in a big house. Around us were sheep farms, mountains, and green rolling hills. 

One day, though, as I was messing around with my friends, I jumped up and down and badly hurt my ankle. It was hard to walk. 

For a few days, I tried my best to keep going. But my ankle just hurt more and more. That’s when I decided to pray about it. I grew up learning about Christian Science, so I knew that turning to God is always helpful.


I lay down on my bed and got my thoughts really quiet. I’d learned in Christian Science Sunday School that it’s helpful to be quiet when I’m praying so that I can hear all of the good things God is telling me. 

As I was listening to God, I felt I should look out my bedroom window. I noticed a group of sheep running in circles around a farmer who had just come outside. He was carrying a bucket full of food. The sheep were so happy to see him, and they were jumping all around him. It was so cute!

I realized that the farmer and his sheep were sort of like God and me. God was taking care of me, and, like the sheep, I am so joyful and grateful for God. My joy couldn’t be taken away from me by anything—not even a hurt ankle. God was right there with me.

I knew God had shown me how much He loves me by having me look out the window. And watching the sheep and the farmer made me feel loved, too—like God was wrapping me up in a warm, woolly blanket. 

I rested for a little longer, then I got up to join my friends. As the day went on, my ankle didn’t hurt as much. I just kept thinking about the sheep and the farmer, reminding myself that God, my Shepherd, was taking care
of me.

My ankle got so much better so quickly! I even hiked a mountain the next day. With every step I took, I could feel God caring for me. And after that healing, I was so joyful for the rest of my time in beautiful Ireland.

Testimony of Healing
God’s loving care
January 16, 2023

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