The practicality of God’s supply

The human economy with its law of demand and supply—its fluctuating stock market figures, inflation, and interest rates—may not be readily understood by all of us. Yet, its impact is seen in the rising cost of food, soaring petrol prices, unaffordable homes, pricey child-care, unsustainable inflation, and predictions of looming recession. This is felt in very personal ways. People’s fears and frustrations are captured by the phrase “trying to make ends meet,” which paints a picture of the ends of two ropes or lines being determinedly moved in opposite directions, while we strive unsuccessfully to pull them together.

A Bible story shows that this is not a new problem. There was hyperinflation in Samaria, which had resulted in a famine of unimaginable proportions. Yet, when the king, in his anger and frustration, came to Elisha, God’s prophet, demanding a solution, the human picture changed from lack to abundance overnight (see II Kings 6:24—7:16). The Bible’s explanation of how this turnaround came about could leave the reader to presume that maybe this was miraculous—a once-in-a-lifetime, inexplicable divine event, without rhyme or reason. But there is actually a Science to such occurrences that proves they can be experienced regularly and practically today.

Is prayer about getting what we want?
August 1, 2022

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