Gratitude heals

My husband and I had worked in the yard for hours, moving dirt and digging out stumps and roots and trees with a backhoe and a rake. I was exhausted, and while changing my clothes, I lost my balance and fell backward, hitting my head on a large ceramic object. 

Immediately, I thought about the spiritual fact that there are no accidents under God’s government and that I couldn’t fall out of God’s grace and love. My husband helped me up. There was a large, painful lump on the back of my head, and I felt shaken. We both started affirming what we are learning through our study of Christian Science about our true being in God. I quietly held to the fact that I am a spiritual idea of divine Mind, God—that I am loved, cared for, and maintained by God and eternally reflect God’s infinitude of good. Because God fills all space and is all good, there is no space that is not good. So, I reasoned, there was nothing that could cause me discomfort and no part of me that could feel discomfort. I knew that God is Spirit and includes all energy, activity, strength, and action, and that I could never “overdo” while expressing God’s qualities. 

As I prayed and listened for God’s thoughts to me, I felt assured of my God-given spiritual perfection, even though I was still aware of the goose-egg-sized bump on my head. I didn’t dwell on the lump but turned to my Father, divine Principle, in humble receptivity to His perfect law of Life, and completely let go of the entire picture of exhaustion, falling, and injury. I was filled with so much gratitude for God’s love and care. A sense of freedom from accident also gave me the freedom to express more energy, as well as more joy for what we had accomplished in the yard.

Within a very short time, I was up and back to my usual routine, feeling energetic and looking forward to finishing the job the next day. The size of the goose egg had even lessened a bit. As I continued to affirm that I could never fall out of God’s loving care—that there was never a moment when I was less than whole and complete as a child of God, Spirit—the lump just disappeared.

The next day we finished the job. As I reseeded some areas, outlined the garden with huge stones, and added soil and mulch for a flower garden, the opening line from Hymn 3 in the Christian Science Hymnal kept coming to me: “A grateful heart a garden is” (Ethel Wasgatt Dennis). The hymn speaks of God’s omnipotence girding man with mighty power and a grateful heart. I can attest to that! I am so grateful for this Science of the Christ, which meets every human need with spiritual Truth and brings healing.

Anita Arlen
Petoskey, Michigan, US

Testimony of Healing
No more headaches
August 1, 2022

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