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We have the tools—including the knowledge that God truly is omnipotent—to disassemble the mental forces that propagate and sustain war, pandemics, and other collective woes.
Keeping Watch
Each one of us is tenderly governed by spiritual law. Under this law, there is no evil source or influence—nothing that can wrongly divert any individual’s real purpose to bless.
If we are confronted by a shortage of something that is needed, we can prayerfully rebuke any limited, material picture with the spiritual fact that the divine law of Love includes the provision of good in every situation.
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Pain can be silenced

When our belief in material conditions ceases, pain ceases. God is proven to be the all-powerful, ever-present creator, the one Mind.
TeenConnect: Trending
When the circumstances of the pandemic pulled her into a dark hole of restlessness and anxiety, this teen thought she could just ride out the misery until life went back to normal. But when that didn’t work, she found an even better answer in Christian Science.
I felt that the natural migration of the fragment from my heel to a point of emergence near my ankle reflected the impetus of the Christ, which had animated my prayers all spring.
Testimony of Healing
What had seemed like a deadlocked and hopeless situation was adjusted through God’s law, the law of Love—the only law there is.
Testimony of Healing

Ankle healed

I continued to turn away from focusing on the injury, claiming instead my perfect, God-given spiritual identity and abilities, which I knew had never been touched by injury or accident.
Bible Lens


Jews recognized and honored one God—the Deity who could not be represented by images or worshiped materially.
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Letters & Conversations

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