From devastation to unspeakable joy

My thoughts became so absorbed with God’s presence that desolation and fear couldn’t impress me.

In an atmosphere in which fear seems to be the very air we breathe because of global instability, division, and aggression, is there nothing we can do? I have discovered that turning unreservedly to God in prayer enables me to face down fear. When we learn that God, divine Love, is everywhere present and all-powerful, we see for ourselves that fear can have no presence, activity, or power. And every time we are willing to live fearlessly, we contribute to a lessening of fear everywhere. 

Many years ago in Spain, it looked as though I had lost everything. While I was away visiting family, I received a phone call from the police saying that my home had been vandalized and robbed. Remarkably, they had a photo of the perpetrator and his license plate as he was driving off my property, and they said I should come home immediately. 

Shortages? Not with God.
June 27, 2022

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