Milestones, not millstones

A milestone healing represents overcoming some obstacle through God rather than seeing the hardship as a millstone weighing us down.

A milestone is a stone marking the distance in miles to a particular place, but it can also refer to a significant accomplishment or point of progress in our lives. This concept can be helpful to those seeking healing. Having once proved that we can be healed, we know it can happen again through a deepened understanding of God as the healer and of our own identity as His child. Recognizing this gives us confidence that victory over the trouble is inevitable.

Healings that stand out to us as milestones and proofs of God’s all-power can inspire us to seek more healings related to body, employment, relationships, supply, and other everyday needs. On the other hand, if we think a healing is not going to happen, the problem can become instead a “millstone” (a heavy stone used in grinding grain). 

Being a lie detector
June 6, 2022

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