Healing after a fall

It was a lovely day as I hiked with friends in a beautiful redwood forest. Toward the end of the hike, we came to an area with a lot of exposed roots, requiring us to watch each step to avoid tripping. As we continued to walk, I was distracted for a moment and suddenly found myself forcibly hitting the ground. It occurred so fast that I wasn’t aware of having tripped until I was on the ground. 

The thought that came to me immediately was something Mary Baker Eddy had told an associate: “Handle daily no accidents, no age, no disease, no death” (We Knew Mary Baker Eddy, Expanded Edition, Vol. I, p. 458). I declared immediately that the allness of God, good, does not include accidents of any kind. Therefore, in God’s creation, no one could be vulnerable to an accident. 

I got up, assured my friends that I was OK, and continued walking, grateful for the quiet, strong, prayerful support I received from my hiking friends. There was a lot of pain in my foot, which appeared to have been twisted or strained; my knee, which had hit hard, was also painful, and the palms of my hands were cut and bleeding. 

I continued to take the stand that all-harmonious Mind, God, knows no accidents, and rejected thoughts such as, “I wonder if my foot is going to swell” and “Will I be able to get a shoe on tomorrow?” These were false suggestions based on a material sense of my identity, not the spiritual facts about me—and everyone—as God’s perfect reflection. I affirmed that there was nothing to fear and dismissed any thought of injury. 

Immediately I felt calm and peaceful. Within just a few steps, I realized that there was no longer any pain in my foot or knee. Then I looked at the palms of my hands and saw that there was not a mark on them nor any evidence of blood. I thought, “This is as though it never happened!” And I realized that in truth, an accident had never really occurred, because God continuously governs His whole creation harmoniously.

Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mrs. Eddy states, “When fear disappears, the foundation of disease is gone” (p. 368). As I thought about what had happened, it was clear that the fearful suggestions that had come to thought had been based on the belief that material conditions dictate our well-being, but the understanding that matter is not a creation of God had completely removed the fear. Once I dismissed the fear as baseless, the physical effects were instantly gone. I continued to think about this healing and the truth it demonstrated for the rest of the day.

This experience has given me a fresh approach to learning more about the absolute allness of God and my real, spiritual being. I can see more clearly now that accidents can never actually happen, because God’s omnipotence means that we are always completely protected in every situation. I am so grateful for God’s care for us, and for these reminders of His goodness. 

Lisa Jasper
Alameda, California, US

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June 6, 2022

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