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Discovering God, good

It’s a beautiful thing to realize that we are each loved and cared for by divine Love, God, and that we can prove this to some degree as Jesus did.
Keeping Watch
I was being called to adopt an attitude that included both a willingness to give generously and a trust that my daily needs would be met.

Milestones, not millstones

Being able to walk—and leap—free of pain after a challenging injury is a milestone that I have turned to many times when difficulties have arisen, in gratitude for God’s goodness.

Being a lie detector

Relief came when I detected the lie and remained firmly, vehemently rooted in what I knew was true. Within an hour all pain had left my hand.


Here’s a poem that rejoices in the fulfillment of God’s law of love.
I couldn’t feel or even see where the bee had stung me. The mark was totally gone.

Healing after a fall

I thought, “This is as though it never happened!” And I realized that in truth, an accident had never really occurred, because God continuously governs His whole creation harmoniously.
Testimony of Healing
This experience enabled me to gain a sense of peace regarding my past and transformed me into a more compassionate and forgiving person.
Testimony of Healing
My new steps in work and life soon proved to be fruitful and enriching—a wonderful confirmation that the blessings of turning to God in prayer weren’t just for my dog, but for me as well. 
Bible Lens

God the Preserver of Man

The Psalmist commends deep-rooted commitment to God as the key to growth and prosperity.
Letters & Conversations

Letters & Conversations

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