Healing of a skin growth

Several years ago, a mole on my back began changing, and within a short time it had grown much larger and taken a different shape and color. I was quite concerned about this but was praying to see that I did not have to accept the condition as part of me. 

I contacted a Christian Science practitioner to help me through prayer. The practitioner answered the phone with so much love in her voice that I knew we could work together to see this condition as unreal. We prayed to see my changeless spiritual selfhood and purity as a child of God.

After a couple of weeks, these words from the Bible came to me: “The place thereof shall know it no more” (Psalms 103:16). I understood that to describe the fleeting, insubstantial nature of discord and disease. I kept the phrase in my thought, affirming that the evidence of illness was an illusion—a lie about God’s totally good creation. In a little over a week, the growth started to diminish until that area of my back eventually returned to normal. I was so grateful for this healing. 

However, a year later, my back became itchy, and I discovered that the mole was growing again. My first thought was, “Oh, no!” My second thought was an emphatic No! I knew that I had seen the truth and could not be fooled by this lie anymore. I always had been and always would be the perfect reflection of a perfect God. Within a day or two, everything was completely normal, and has been ever since that time over two years ago. 

I am so grateful that God’s healing power, as demonstrated by Jesus, is available to us today through the practice of Christian Science.

Rosemary Goodall
North Baddesley, Hampshire, England

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