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There is a powerful reason to come together as Christian Scientists and support each other: to find ways and means to not merely better ourselves but to help all humanity find within themselves the Christ-spirit already present.
Keeping Watch
As I’ve pondered Scripture, I’ve found that it has a perpetually fresh message, and that our study of its pages must include an expectation that we will receive the inspiration needed at that moment
--an openness to God’s purpose.
An author who has served in the military shares “how we can pray effectively when we’re right in the middle of a human conflict.”
Living each day accountable to God opens us up to unlimited possibilities for good by bolstering our trust in Him.

Follow me!

This call leads spiritual seekers toward healing.
TeenConnect: Your Healings

When I lost my AirPods case

Losing an expensive item is the pits—as this author experienced. But while she was resistant to praying about it at first, in the end, prayer brought her unexpected blessings even beyond a resolution.

Recovery from mobility issues

I was walking and climbing stairs, in heels, with no difficulty at all.
Testimony of Healing

Healing of a skin growth

These words from the Bible came to me: “the place thereof shall know it no more” (Psalms 103:16). I understood that to describe the fleeting, insubstantial nature of discord and disease.
Testimony of Healing
The practitioner and I continued praying, and a few weeks later the limp was gone. All four paws were normal.
Bible Lens

Everlasting Punishment

Moses’ words make plain that God’s covenant encompasses individuals of every rank.

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