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How much of the good in our own lives goes unnoticed or is taken for granted? 
Keeping Watch
Waiting on God doesn’t have to take time. It can be a moment-by-moment lifting of thought.

Worry less, love more

When we consider that every real, true thought comes from divine Mind, God, we are able to more quickly dispose of fear-based suggestions. 
While I’d been spending a lot of time thinking about eating and expecting pleasure from it, I was beginning to see that what are thought of as material “pleasures” actually confer no real enjoyment. I began to find deep satisfaction in thinking about God, communing with God, and making this a priority.
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TeenConnect: Your Healings

Teacher trouble

Doing online-only school was hard enough for this high schooler. But having a tough teacher made things even worse. Thankfully, this teen had Christian Science to help her learn how to think about the situation in a different—healing—way.

Whole again after fall from horse

The place where adjustment is needed is consciousness, and that this adjustment occurs according to the universal law of Love. This broke through the fear and pain.
Testimony of Healing
The release from the bondage of compulsive spending has been lasting. This tenacious behavior completely vanished, without any attempt to use willpower or any sense of deprivation or lack. 
Testimony of Healing
I have found that it’s often not symptoms of sickness that need to be addressed but the feeling that God’s love isn’t there for me.
Bible Lens


To the Hebrew people, God’s Word wasn’t simply a collection of messages but a living, dynamic power. 

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