Dizziness and nausea gone

One day at work, I began to feel lightheaded and off balance. I knew something wasn’t right, and it was frightening. I was fairly new to Christian Science, but I knew I wanted reliable healing. I had never asked for help from a Christian Science practitioner before and had no idea what to say, so when I called one who lived in my area, I simply said I needed help—and that turned out to be enough. 

The next morning, I woke up feeling nauseated, and was unable to open my eyes without feeling that the room was spinning. I guessed it was some sort of ear infection and considered my options: Call my mother and ask her to help me get to a doctor? Call the practitioner back? I also wondered, What if I end up going deaf or something terrible happens? I believed my family would never forgive me for not seeking medical attention. 

Bible Lens
February 14, 2022

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