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Vital church is more than a passive place where we simply get inspiration and go about our lives. As many are rediscovering, the full blessing of church involves giving—and continuing to give even when it is resisted or rejected.
Instead of bemoaning the rise and seeming power of this or that particular evil in our church, our workplace, our community, or society at large, we can take up our spiritual weapons and take a stand against despair.
This week’s photographic inspiration and related text.
The problem left immediately—no more coughing, no more shortness of breath. I was free.

“You are free”

Christ Jesus’ words to a woman he healed came to mind: “Woman, thou art loosed from thine infirmity.” 
TeenConnect: Your Healings

When God spoke to me

In spite of the severe climb, it should have been an uneventful weekend of rock climbing for this author. Instead, she experienced a dramatic example of God’s protection.

Waltzing with Love

For the dancer in your life, or for those dancing through life, this poem shares something we can experience today.
The tenor of the room went from excruciating fear to palpable love. The experience felt like being enveloped in a warm presence. I knew God was my Father-Mother, soothing my fear.
Testimony of Healing

The perfect remedy

Affirming my oneness with my creator and my inseparability from my divine Parent’s loving care, I soon discovered that there was no longer any soreness in my throat.
Testimony of Healing
By the next day I was completely well. Best of all, I had experienced what I can only describe as a seismic shift in thought and had gained a whole new understanding of what I am spiritually.
Bible Lens


In the ancient Near East, the tree of life was a common symbol of vitality and immortality.

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