Hearing restored

For almost a year, one of my ears was plugged up, and I had very limited hearing on that side. For a long time I just accommodated the situation—for example, choosing to walk next to someone on the side where I was hearing better and turning on that same side in bed to listen to JSH-Online.com podcasts as I fell asleep. 

Meanwhile, I continued to pray about many other issues and saw healing results in my daily life, for which I was grateful. One day, however, as I was out for a walk, I began to pray about my God-given faculties. I knew that because God, our Father-Mother, is infinite Mind and always exists in a state of perfection, He wouldn’t have made or sustained an imperfect state of any kind, including poor hearing. I reasoned that since man—each one of us—is His image and likeness, as stated in the first chapter of Genesis, I always reflect all the perfect faculties of Soul, God, right here and now. I also realized that divine Mind does not need matter as a medium to give expression to perfection, but that these faculties and qualities of Mind exist spiritually, as do all of God’s ideas. 

Bible Lens
Doctrine of Atonement
October 10, 2022

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