God can help with the scary things

I couldn’t sleep. Every time I closed my eyes, I saw something I didn’t want to see. I saw two cars crashing into each other, just like I’d seen one afternoon when my carpool was driving home from school. It had been a scary thing to see, even though everyone in both cars had been OK in the end, and our car hadn’t been part of the crash. And it was scary every time
I remembered it.

Sometimes images or memories bother us. It might even feel like they won’t stop coming back, no matter how much we wish they would go away. What can we do then?

One thing I learned in Christian Science Sunday School is that we can always ask God for help. It doesn’t matter if we need help with something little or something big. God will always give us what we need to be peaceful and move forward.

I wasn’t sure how God could help me with this bad memory that wouldn’t go away. But I decided to ask for help anyway. Asking is a way of praying, and you can do it with your thoughts, or just feel that desire in your heart.

When I prayed, thinking about my need for help, I started getting some really good thoughts. It was like turning on the faucet in the sink—all of a sudden, all these comforting and loving thoughts came flowing right in. I could tell they were from God because they came with a feeling of peace. Also, they were ideas I’d never thought of before.

One idea was that I could trust God more than what I’d seen with my eyes. God reminded me that He is Truth, so if I wanted to know the real truth about things, only God could tell me. 

What was the truth God was telling me? God was saying, “I am good and cause only good.” So, no matter what I’d seen, in reality only God’s goodness had been there. Only divine Love, God, holding and comforting everyone, had been present. And God was helping me feel His love and goodness so tangibly that there was no more place for sadness or fear.

God also reminded me that because He is everywhere, safety is everywhere. God is protecting each of us, every moment, all the time. The Bible says that we “live, and move, and have our being” in God (Acts 17:28). What could be safer than that?

These ideas were powerful. They started to make more sense and feel more real to me than the scary image of the crash. I even began to feel like I could trust them. And as I held on to these good thoughts, I noticed that the image began to fade away. My fear went with it.

If you see something that is scary, or remember something that makes you sad or upset, God is there to help you, too. You can listen for the truth God is telling you about that image. You can trust what God is saying. Then you’ll feel the all-powerful love that wipes out bad memories—for good.

Testimony of Healing
Freed from anxiety and insomnia
September 6, 2021

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