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A new birth after hard times

The recollection of a profound event such as 9/11 invites retrospection, which can lead to fresh insight beyond the event’s initial impact. For many, out of this extreme experience rose an opportunity for spiritual renewal—individually and collectively.
I’m learning to watch the news as a spiritual thinker and dedicated spiritual healer, not as a helpless, frustrated onlooker. 
Prayer illumines the reality that we are right now in God’s province, where divine Love is in control. As we mentally imbibe and hold to such truths, we can see past any sense of a vulnerable human condition.
How I found Christian Science
Though life seemed dark, I had a deep longing to understand God, and that desire was a prayer moving me toward Truth.
Not as the Pharisees, bound by their blindness,
nor as the scribes, fettered by law,
I couldn’t sleep.
Testimony of Healing
It was joyful to continually affirm that God is divine Principle, the All-in-all, and that there is nothing outside of Him. Therefore, there was nothing that could threaten or disturb me. 
Testimony of Healing
Over the next couple of days, as I persisted along this line of spiritual endeavor, praying for myself and my country, the illness completely dissipated and did not return.
Testimony of Healing

Bleeding stopped

As the woman in the Bible story, yearning for healing, had reached out to touch Jesus’ garment, I reached out to my Father-Mother God and asked to be healed of impatience and criticism.
Bible Lens


Understanding Scripture readies followers of Christ for service to others.

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