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The algorithm of Spirit

The algorithm of Spirit, the law of God’s allness, is supremely practical. It cuts through the variables of mortal chance,  circumstances, and demands and impels harmony, health, supply, and freedom as the natural and inevitable outcomes of infinite good.
When I expressed love to others instead of looking to others to love me, I lost the fear of being judged. God was revealing to me my true nature as His faultless reflection, secure in His—infinite Love’s—keeping.
I found it easier to read an article here and there in the Sentinel than to study the Bible Lesson daily. All of that changed one semester when I became so ill with a debilitating sore throat, fatigue, and weakness that I could not attend classes.
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At its core, the opportunity to take Primary class instruction is an opportunity to join a community of healers where men and women support each other and humanity at large through prayer.

Henry and the knights

His aunt explained that one way to know God is through the names for God that you can find in the Bible and in a book called Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy. She said that he could think of each name for God sort of like a knight that was always with him and protecting him. 
Testimony of Healing
Since man is spiritual, he is untouched by accident, sickness, sin, and death. My prayer to realize this truth more clearly brought about a change in my thinking. I felt as if I was emerging into the light of day.
Testimony of Healing

A year of healings

The Christly understanding of my inseparability from God began to fill my consciousness with more and more light. One day I realized I was walking completely normally without any pain. 
Testimony of Healing

Injured foot quickly healed

I turned to the best support I knew, reaching out in prayer to God. I have relied on God from the time I was a young child in the Christian Science Sunday School.
Bible Lens


 Witness of Jesus’ spiritual status and mission was paramount after the ascension.

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