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We grasp the wonders of infinite Love by desiring to feel more of the divine presence.
When we remain close to God and acknowledge the true idea of our relationship to Him, we experience this divine good and can leave disappointment behind.

Does progress require process?

Our lives are not reliant on material processes but on eternal, spiritual unfoldment, peeling away limited, material thinking and revealing the universal presence and supremacy of Spirit, God, and His perfect creation.

What matters now

Enjoy this week’s poetic offering.
God is our lead “partner” in the dance of our lives.
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Finding my real Mother

Tired of fighting with her mom, this author prayed for help and got a totally unexpected answer. How did her spiritual insights help shift the dynamic with her mother? Read on to find out.
Testimony of Healing

Skin irritation cleared

The problem faded from my thought, as did the urge to scratch and any physical evidence of irritation.
Testimony of Healing
I refused to be frightened by the injuries and realized that I could immediately claim my spiritual identity, maintained by God as indestructible and whole.
Testimony of Healing

No more seizures

As we prayed and began to feel the perfect, all-embracing, divine Love that casts out fear, the seizures began to lessen. The last one occurred a week from the time they began, and they never occurred again after that.
Bible Lens

Christian Science

Christ Jesus raises the concept of sight from a physical faculty to mental perception. 

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